Supplying sister companies


It can be a long way from construction to production to the delivery of a product. That is why we specialized in two areas: In the first step, our engineers develop new technology ideas and in the second step we can put these ideas into action with the help of our supplying sister companies. This is a real benefit - not only for us, but also for our customers. We keep the best overview of our common projects and you have the least effort, because everything is delivered one-stop. So we can focus on a greener future for everyone together.

Find out more about our supplying sister companies:

FC Power Logo

Founded: 2008

Located in Aachen

Working field: engineering, construction and supply of fuel cell systems and its components

Focus: fuel cells


TS Mallmann GmbH Logo

Founded in 2013

Located in Düren

Working field: plant engineering and welded constructions

Focus: water treatment


TS Henschel Fertigungstechnik GmbH Logo

Founded in 2009

Located in Heilbad Heiligenstadt

Working field: production and installation of gearbox housings and melt pumps



TS Henschel Eisenguss GmbH Logo


Founded in 1956

Located in Mosbach

Working field: iron casting